Screaming Chimp.


“All Aboard The Chimp Train”

Serendipity is a wonderful thing.

I have always had a passion for cooking, so when I was suffering from depression in 2015. My friend Paul kindly gave me some of his chilli seedlings and said, "Grow them mate, they may take your mind off things!"

A few months later my sister, Emily, asked me to make a "Man Vs Food" challenge sauce for a chicken wing eating competition she wanted to do at university for charity, so I made a sauce which is now the "Original Hot sauce", but with much less chilli in as it was far too hot.

The 'Screaming Chimp' brand was born when some friends asked us to visit them in Nerja, Spain and said “bring some of that sauce you've been talking about". After tasting it, they said; "This is wicked! This is what you should do - make sauce!”

I LOVED the idea, but I could not think of what to call it!

However, that serendipitous moment came along when I was teaching Kelly and Keith's children how to blow on a blade of grass between two thumbs to make that strange noise, we all know! I said, "That sounds like a screaming chimp.".

“SCREAMING CHIMP!! That’s what I’m calling that sauce” ... and the rest is history! We launched in June 2016.

In 2017 we gained two Great taste awards from the Guild of fine food, shipped to our first Chimpions in Australia and U.S.A, we listed on the Slimming World database of products and were stocked in Fenwick food hall, which is like the Harrods of the Northeast of England. In 2018 we won 25% of the U.K Chilli Sauce Awards. Attended our 1st trade show, where we were picked up by Kew Gardens and were on the curriculum for Newcastle College as the advertising module of the media course there.

We’ve posted sauce across the planet with many happy Chimpions and we’d love our Chimps to swing on as many branches as they can the world over. Now we couldn't be happier making our troop of vegan friendly, natural, Gluten free, Screaming Chimp Chilli Sauces!

Just remember to #KeeponChimpin’ and #Screamifyouwannagohotter

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