Epronto is an extension of Cateritaly LTD, an Authentic Italian Catering business based in Glasgow. At the heart of the business there are Franco and Francesca, two energetic parents that brought their large family composed by 5 children to Scotland and fell in love with this beautiful country.

The base idea for EPRONTO’s Ragú it’s the same that drives the high quality of Cateritaly: to produce healthy, homemade quality products in order to promote a healthy and nutritious lifestyle for everybody. Epronto however aim to take this concept one step further, reaching to all those who have no need for catering but still enjoy a good meal with no stress. Epronto has been though, designed and produced to help people in their everyday’s endeavour by making lunch/dinner time easier, faster and healthier.

This range is no longer available to order as is moving to the new Cress Marketplace, launching early November www.thecressco.co.uk

For more information about this range please contact the producer directly.


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