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Banana Joe started out in 2013 when founders, Nat and Joe began their journey to become the first to create a real fruit crisp that actually tastes like a proper crisp: thin, crispy and savoury as they use the young green banana. Banana Joe has achieved not just that, but their unique banana crisps are also, gluten free, vegan, low in sugar and are flavoured with all natural ingredients. They are cooked with rice bran oil, and oil that that’s high in anti-oxidants and no MSG or anything artificial is added to their perfectly hand cooked crisps. They are made in Thailand using the Thai "Hom Thong" (Gros Michel) Variety and now export to 20 countries world wide. CK Food and Drinks Ltd (the same guys behind "The Coconut Kitchen" brand of UK made Thai sauces are the UK importers having discovered them on their research trips to Thailand in 2017.

This range is no longer available to order as is moving to the new Cress Marketplace, launching early November

For more information about this range please contact the producer directly.


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