AVLAKI Superb Organic Olive Oils offer a very different experience of olive oils from standard commercial products. They present the true taste of extra virgin olive oil, as is understood by the olive oil farmers, who choose their oil straight from picking the olives.

AVLAKI fresh organic extra virgin olive oils are also unusual in that the texture is extremely light, and the taste delicate, so they are versatile for all kinds of recipes. We harvest ONLY in December when the fruit is at its optimum for quality, the oil is then bottled unfiltered and unadulterated as soon as possible to capture the exceptional taste & aroma of fresh olive oil in the bottle.

Grown in a small locality on Lesvos Island Greece, the oils bottled in the UK, AVLAKI oils are produced to the highest British standards. Certified ORGANIC and verified EXTRA VIRGIN with chemical and organoleptic tests from an IOOC accredited laboratory.

For more information about this range please contact the producer directly.

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